Click below to reserve your space in storage at the Lindsay Exhibition Grounds. Once paid, all reservations are guaranteed. For this year we are offering unheated storage on cement or gravel. We will have no heated storage this year as we expect to be able to hold events in the Commonwell Building this winter. We will start taking in storage on October 20th. Due to expected COVID-19 restrictions, you will need to make an appointment to bring an item into storage by calling the office at 705-324-5551.

We hope to be able to follow our usual process in the spring starting April 1st, whereby items are removed in the reverse order of how they went in. That is, the last person in will be the first person out. You will be called to set up an appointment to remove your item from storage once there is a clear path for it to leave.

Storage fees are refundable up until the day on which the item goes into storage or October 25th, 2021 – whichever is earlier. For clarity, there are no refunds after October 25th, 2021 regardless of whether your item has been placed in storage.